Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Rob Carter's Incredulity on Evolutionary DNA

Apparently I did not read carefully enough, because I thought we were going to see a video on creationism at a local church.  However, as it turned out, the flesh n blood Rob Carter was there to give whatever presentation on creationism that his predominantly creationist audience wanted.  While his presentation focused on presenting an overview of all the complexity of the human genome as an argument from incredulity against its evolutionary origin, it was not hard afterward to unravel his confidence down to a faith measure.

The problem I have with this, as I've always had in my apostasy from Christianity is its inherent intellectual dishonesty.  I am not at liberty to merely decide which worldview best suits my non-truth related desires.  If evolution means nothing matters, then gee golly whiz, nothing fucking matters.  If we are in that position, we are most certainly obligated by Jesus Christ himself, if he existed at all, to be truthful with our state of knowledge and act accordingly.  If we don't know what is true in the grand metaphysical scheme of things, our unequivocal answer is to that question is, "I don't know."  Not, "I don't know, therefore Jesus."  Creationists and Christians in general just don't seem to get it.

Carter thanked me for being so polite.  I don't have any interest waging incoherent political wars in person when the truth is so easy to stick to the opposition.  If you can't prove evolution doesn't work in terms of being able to produce amazing levels of genetic complexity in the face of all the other evidence that strongly "suggests" that it does, your incredulity just doesn't mean anything.  

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